The Company

At Nordteco we are dedicated to delivering specialized hi-tech goods and services with high added value to the Latin American wind energy industry. Founded in 1993, during 20 years we have served the needs of utilities, developers, and wind farm operators across the continent with excellence and dedication. Throughout this period our company has continually evolved in experience, expertise, human resources, and technology; while increasing the depth and breadth of our scope across the entire wind energy value chain.

 Core Business

Nordteco participates in the entire wind energy industry value chain, from greenfield site prospecting and preparation for pre-investment through financial closure, wind farm construction and commissioning, to subsequent phases of operation, maintenance, and asset management. One of our main strengths and particular competencies encompasses supply, erection and commissioning of anemometry stations for wind assessment, and related specialized services. During this period of growth in experience and mastering due application of industry standards and best practices in anemometry we have also specialized in wind and site assessment related engineering and analysis.  Nordteco can assess the characteristics and merits of a specific location and determine its suitability as a commercial wind power project, and perform potential energy yield estimates – even in absence of local observed (measured) wind data. 

 Regional leadership

The diverse mix of specialized goods and services offered, along with our proven track record through 20 years delivering project development assets, engineering and studies with excellence;  as well as a remarkable level of customer satisfaction, all afford us a privileged regional positioning while making us the competitive choice for cost-effectively adding value to your wind energy project.