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 Nordteco ResourceControl

Nordteco ResourceControl is a daily monitoring system for your wind or solar project’s measurement campaign, all overseen by an expert team to contribute to decision making and to carry timely solutions to any operational problem, therefore maximizing the return on investment.  Nordteco ResourceControl is the optimal solution to ensure the success of your measurement project.


We are allies for your project, we are Nordteco. 

 Benefits of Nordteco ResourceControl

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 How it works


Main Features


  • Compatible with different data loggers, formats and remote sensing systems (LiDAR and SoDAR)
  • Daily data collection
  • Automated data analysis
  • Automated database structuring
  • Encrypted centralized data storing – based on Amazon Web Services platform (AWS)
  • Unlimited storing capacity
  • Reliable secured data management
  • Solar data compatible


  • Data quality assurance (QA) via customized filters
  • Daily data quality control (QC)
  • State of the art monitoring technology
  • Process permanently supervised by an experienced analyst team
  • On-time equipment failure alerts, course-of-action design in order to reestablish normal operation
  • Event/maintenance log traceability
  • Experience-based improvement


  • Customizable frecuency (weekly. monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.)
  • Content flexibility – See Service Modalities
  • Comprehensive and executive format
  • Information presentation options: graphs and tables, graphs only or tables only
  • Report presentation options: Per measurement station and per project or both
  • Maintenance log section
  • English and Spanish versions available
  • GoogleMaps integrated system


  • Daily transmission service included (GSM/GPRS, 3G or Satellite)
  • Recommended complement: Corrective Response Plan, executed 72 hours after the failure alert

Service Modalities


Ensure the success of your energy project.

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