ReFeel Costa Rica is a subsidiary of ReFeel International, with offices in Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica. ReFeel has developed solar generation plants with a cumulative capacity increased to 280 megawatts (MW) worldwide.

Nordteco, based in Costa Rica, specializes in the provision of goods and services of high technology and added value for the development of wind and solar projects; serving for more than 2 decades with excellence the needs of power companies, developers and operators throughout Latin America.

ReFeel Costa Rica comes to support the development of distributed generation for own consumption, empowering the Costa Rican trade and industry to improve its competitiveness and profitability by controlling and substantial savings in energy costs.

ReFeel is an independent, integrated energy company, characterised by a “glocal” strategy (a global vision but a local approach) that is clear and transparent: green and innovative energy solutions for sustainable development that respect the environment and mankind. Through a strategy that is diversified both technologically and geographically, ReFeel offers leading edge, carbon-free solutions for the production, distribution and efficient use of energy.

What we do


Thanks to its experience in the renewable energy sector, we provide turnkey solutions of photovoltaic systems for corporate, industrial and residential customers, in order to reduce energy costs.


ReFeel focuses on creating business opportunities in term of development of multi-MW clean energy projects, which take the form of approved projects and buildable, with the highest level of bankability of the project.


ReFeel offers specialized services and independent consultancy at multiple levels and for all technologies with a global approach, local understanding and personal vision.

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